Course image Internet Technology (Web Programming)
Computer Information System

We cover some fundamental of web environment, how it is designed and how an actual application is created. This course covers all the creating as well as debugging and implementing it in the real world. This course deals with some latest technology in web programming like HTML 5 / CSS 3 etc. The important factors that are the issues in real life like browser compatibility, security implementation of XML are covered in this syllabus. Web application uses framework and object oriented programming in a real scenario which is also covered in the syllabus. This will really help students to meet the criteria that the market needs from a technical student.

Course image Computer Architecture and Microprocessors (Garnet_Grit)
Computer Information System

This course will provide the fundamental knowledge to understand the basics, operation, programming, and application of microprocessors and a brief insight into computer architecture.

Course image Database Management System (Fusion)
Computer Information System
To introduce students to the fundamentals of data management technology by studying databases from three viewpoints:
  Database user                                Database Designer                      Database administrator